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Every self-service kiosk needs computer kiosk software, even if you just lock your kiosk to a web page or run a simple self-service application. Advanced Kiosks has been creating "included software" for kiosks and "custom kiosk software" for over TEN YEARS.

Take a look at the software applications below. Also see our Custom Kiosk Page for examples of some of the custom kiosk interfaces we have designed and coded for our customers.

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Zamok Foundation

At its basic level, Zamok locks down the computer. The program presents users with full-screen browsing and navigation, while eliminating any opportunities for system tampering. It controls what the user sees and keeps the computer kiosk safe from hackers and unwanted use. Zamok also keeps administrator files and setting secure and away from user interaction.

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One Finger, Touch Screen Keyboard – Free

The One Finger touch screen keyboard is easy to install and set up, and is fun to use. This keyboard is the perfect application for any interactive kiosk with many features. It is the only touch-screen keyboard that has different designs to choose from and can speak whatever is typed, can be shrunk and expanded.

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Redo-Restore software icon

Redo Restore Software

The Redo Restore is an easy-to-use computer software application designed to recover your computer kiosk from disaster. This intuitive point-and-click solution helps to ensure the functionality of your interactive kiosk will be recovered should it fall prey to a virus, malicious attack, or even an accidently deleted core file.

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Greentimer software icon

GreenTimer Software

The GreenTimer is an eco-friendly product designed and developed by the team at Advanced Kiosks to help conserve energy, save you money and extend the life of your equipment. Start scheduling your hibernate-and-wake schedule in just a few minutes.

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teamviewer software icon

TeamViewer Software

In addition to our 3 year warranty, Advanced Kiosks offers the ability to provide remote support to our customer’s kiosks that have retained the factory installed TeamViewer software and an internet connection.

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Uncrashable software icon

Uncrashable Software

Uncrashable is a program surveillance for your kiosk’s computer. This is an easy-to-use, self-running program assistance that alerts the administrator of any malfunction. If the application locks up, Uncrashable immediately restarts the program and automatically sends a notification email to the administrator. This computer kiosk software allows the user to continue using the application without having a program error that prevents use of the kiosk.

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