3 YEAR WARRANTY on your Kiosk Computer, Touch Screen Monitor

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Cloud SolutionZamok Cloud Solution

Zamok Cloud Solution is a simple, easy way for our kiosk customers to remote-in to their kiosk. Have the ability to check on the status, update, and change a kiosk(s) from a remote location. View all kiosks with a few clicks of a button!



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Advanced Kiosks offers state-of-the-art Computer Kiosks designed to enhance your customer service. Whether you need an information kiosk, touch screen kiosk, check-in kiosk, internet kiosk, printing kiosk, or other self-service kiosk, our engineers can create a solution for you.

Besides building kiosk models, we also include software with every kiosk we sell. Other self-service software applications are available by subscription.

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What is a Computer Kiosk?

Computer and Touch Screen Kiosks are interactive computer systems that are designed for public use, with only the necessary equipment exposed. Items such as cables, switches, printers and cooling systems are all locked down and cannot be accessed by the public.

All of our Advanced Kiosks products house a full computer system with an attractive and energy efficient design. Your staff and customers will find our computer kiosks to be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

Our Computer Kiosks are also ADA compliant. Every kiosk part has been tested by UL and other testing labs to ensure that your system is safe. You can rest easy knowing that our computer kiosks are ready to assist your customers. We reinforce their durability and dependability with a 3-Year Warranty.

Our interactive kiosks can be customized to meet your needs. They have been used for wayfinding, check-in, education, tourism, directory, awareness, attractions, donations, applications, and many other roles.

Latest News and Events

Advanced Kiosks Releases 2014's
Must-Have Marketing Tool

Visually Stunning i2 Kiosk is Eye-Catching & Interactive

hospitality kioskFranklin, NH (January 2014) —Advanced Kiosks, one of the largest producers and innovators of self-service kiosks in the country, is proud to announce the release of its i2 Kiosk.

Designed specifically for advertising and promotion, the i2 is Advanced Kiosks' biggest and boldest model yet, but what sets it apart is the sheer volume of high-definition display space.

The i2 is a sleek, 6-foot-tall standout with a 46" LCD monitor that grabs attention from across the room and two 32" interactive LCD monitors to engage even the most reticent passersby. This unprecedented, three-monitor configuration caters to the retail and hospitality industries, but is predicted to be the solution of choice for any organization that relies on innovative marketing.

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