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Advanced Kiosks offers state-of-the-art Computer Kiosks designed to enhance your customer service. If you need an information kiosk, touch screen kiosk, check-in kiosk, internet kiosk, printing kiosk or other self-service kiosk, we can create a solution for you.

We also include software with the kiosk models we sell. Other self-service software applications are available by subscription.

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Advanced Kiosks designs touch screen kiosks that are interactive computer systems designed for public use, with only the necessary equipment exposed. Items such as cables, switches, printers and cooling systems are hidden inside the kiosk enclosure; all websites can be locked down with our included kiosk software Zamok Foundation, keeping your computer safe from any internal or external system tampering.

All of our products house a full computer system with an attractive and energy efficient design. Your staff and customers will find our computer kiosks to be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

Most of our self-service kiosks are also ADA compliant. Every kiosk part has been tested to ensure that you receive a safe, durable and efficient system. You can rest easy knowing that our computer kiosks are ready to assist your customers. We reinforce their durability and dependability with a 3-year warranty.

Kiosk Functions

  • Building Directory
  • Queuing kiosk
  • Donation/Gifting kiosk
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Company Webpage
  • Bill Paying kiosk
  • Scanning HR Information
  • Hall of Fame Display
  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Employee HR Kiosk
  • City/Town Guide
  • Memorial Display
  • Survey Kiosk
  • Check-In Kiosk
  • Banking kiosk
  • Solar Energy Usage Display
  • TradeShow Kiosk
  • Internet Kiosk

Many more kiosk options are available. Talk with us Today.

Interactive Kiosks

Kiosk Software

Here at Advanced Kiosks, we create the whole self-service kiosk solution. From kiosk models, software, and custom design, we work with our customers to create the perfect interactive kiosk package. Check out some of our recent projects and see how our kiosks benefit our new customers.

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The Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System is taking their patient check-in into the future with 20 of our Compact Power Kiosks. With the help of our ADA touch pad and computer kiosk, veterans are given the opportunity to take care of their healthcare paperwork in an efficient and timely manner. The kiosks are also equipped with a privacy screen to protect sensitive user information and are being installed by Advanced Kiosks.


  • Reduce Wait Times
  • Added Security and Privacy
  • Streamline Registration Processes
  • Full Accessibility
  • ADA Compliant

Needing a way to greet their visitors, Sunkist turned to Advanced Kiosks' Lobby Attendant software and our stainless-steel Freestanding Kiosk for a complete solution to replace their building directory. Using our new VOIP direct-dial feature, visitors can interact with the Directory kiosk, find who they are there to see, and call them directly from the kiosk.


  • Unique Way to Greet Visitors and Clients
  • Assist customers with Way Finding Software
  • Decreases Congestion with Immediate Assistance
  • Privacy with handset with speaker switching technology.

We are working with Lonestar State College to enhance student and visitor experience beginning with 7 of our Freestanding Kiosks. With the use of our brand new cell phone charging trays, users are able to charge their phones at the interactive kiosk. The kiosk is also equipped with our Lobby Attendant kiosk software, providing way finding, directories and linking to our EventsNow event calendar software. The college plans to add more in 2015.


  • Engage with students, visitors and employees
  • Increase Student Awareness of Campus Events
  • Add Student Convenience
  • Educate incoming students and families with college features

Brunswick County Schools, in North Carolina, is using 19 of our Compact Power Kiosks as human resource kiosks and time clocks for their bus drivers. The touch screen kiosks are a vital tool with after-hour support for the drivers. Advanced Kiosks worked with Brunswick County to get these deployed before the start of the new school year. There are already tentative plans to install more.


  • After Hour Support for Drivers
  • Easily Accessible Human Resources Tool
  • Increase Data Accuracy
  • Security and Privacy added with Zamok Lockdown Software