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Advanced Kiosks offers state-of-the-art Computer Kiosks designed to enhance your customer service. If you need an information kiosk, touch screen kiosk, check-in kiosk, internet kiosk, printing kiosk or other self-service kiosk, we can create a solution for you.

We also include software with the kiosk models we sell. Other self-service software applications are available by subscription.

  • We purchased the wall-mounted Compact Power Kiosk for bus driver clock-in. Their tech support was very helpful. Units have withstood a full school year of service with no issues. Kara got us the delivery on a very tight schedule. Would recommend to anyone.

    - Craig C. Eckert
    Brunswick County Schools

  • Staff were very helpful and followed up to be sure I was successful in starting the kiosk after it arrived. Included software should be useful in tailoring the kiosk to our needs.

    - Elizabeth Whitfield
    Oklahoma State University

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  • We chose Advanced Kiosks because they had a very clear and detailed proposal we felt could meet our needs.

    - Jeanne Garza
    Maine Department of Health and Human Services

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  • Advanced Kiosk is helping DKMS revolutionize bone marrow registration; our kiosks at the Concord YMCA and Manchester Harley-Davidson are already showing great results.

    - Michael Guglielmo
    DKMS America

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  • We rented 2 kiosks for our NYC Half Marathon and 3 for our Brooklyn Half Marathon and they worked perfectly for our needs. The kiosks were delivered on time right to our office and the company was very flexible with returning the equipment.

    - Khan Nguyen
    New York Road Runners

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Advanced Kiosks designs touch screen kiosks that are interactive computer systems designed for public use, with only the necessary equipment exposed. Items such as cables, switches, printers and cooling systems are hidden inside the kiosk enclosure; all websites can be locked down with our included kiosk software Zamok Foundation, keeping your computer safe from any internal or external system tampering.

All of our products house a full computer system with an attractive and energy efficient design. Your staff and customers will find our computer kiosks to be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate.

Most of our self-service kiosks are also ADA compliant. Every kiosk part has been tested to ensure that you receive a safe, durable and efficient system. You can rest easy knowing that our computer kiosks are ready to assist your customers. We reinforce their durability and dependability with a 3-year warranty.

Kiosk Functions

  • Building Directory
  • Queuing kiosk
  • Donation/Gifting kiosk
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Company Webpage
  • Bill Paying kiosk
  • Scanning HR Information
  • Hall of Fame Display
  • Self Service Kiosk
  • Employee HR Kiosk
  • City/Town Guide
  • Memorial Display
  • Survey Kiosk
  • Check-In Kiosk
  • Banking kiosk
  • Solar Energy Usage Display
  • TradeShow Kiosk
  • Internet Kiosk

Many more kiosk options are available. Talk with us Today.

Digital Kiosks

Kiosk Software

Here at Advanced Kiosks, we create the whole self-service kiosk solution. From kiosk models, software, and custom design, we work with our customers to create the perfect interactive kiosk package. Check out some of our recent projects and see how our kiosks benefit our new customers.

North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce  logo Interactive touch screen kiosks at automotive show tradeshow self-service kiosks custom building directory template

Albuquerque Public Schools are re-engineering the process that students use to register and pay for tuition with  our Countertop and FreeStanding Kiosks.

Students will now have a central location for immediate assistance and payment processing. Albuquerque is also subscribing to Advanced Kiosks' queuing software to help queue students coming in to meet with supporting staff for E-learning programs.

With QLine, students are sorted to the correct department or recipient based on the questions they answer during the QLine check-in process at the kiosk.

Advanced Kiosks worked with the global marketing agency, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, on behalf of Honda, to display specifications of their new automotive models as this year's SAE 2015 World Congress hosts.  

They implemented four FreeStanding Kiosks positioned next to each of Honda's latest automotive designs to display the model's drawings, specifications, features and benefits.

Advanced Kiosks' interactive kiosks blended perfectly with this year's theme of "Influences of Future Design."

The full-service experiential marketing and event production firm TH Productions contacted Advanced Kiosks on behalf of their client, IBM, looking for a self-service kiosk solution for a tradeshow promotion.

We worked with TH Productions to configure several i Kiosks to administer a blink test. These 32 inch touch screen kiosks were fully equipped with cameras, wheels for easy movement, and crates for easy shipping to other events.

The picture above shows a customer using the self-service kiosk at a tradeshow.

United States District Court
Western District of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma U.S. Court System asked Advanced Kiosks to design a custom building directory software template for our LobbyAttendant software tailored to meet their needs. This interface is hosted on seven of our FreeStanding Kiosks for litigants to view files and case information, access forms, view events and proceedings, and to learn about rules and procedures within the court system.

With easily accessible self-service kiosks, the court will enhance litigant convenience and increase court proceeding.